About Me

“If you want someone you can trust to make it happen with your property and has its best interest --- then Camilla is your partner.”

"She was on top of every little detail so I could focus on other things.”

There is nothing like the positive feedback from my clients that keeps me driven and motivated to continue to provide superior service to my clients. Born and raised in Sweden, at the age of 19, I moved myself to the United States to escape a broken heart, bringing with me drive and the strong work ethic of my Swedish roots. Having grown up in Stockholm, I have been exposed to a variety of cultures and lifestyles. 

Over the years, I have explored a variety of fields and learned valuable lessons from each one. As an assistant buyer for a fashion retail company, I continued to develop my eye for design. As an executive assistant for a construction company, I learned to innovate, negotiate with vendors, and think proactively to meet my employer’s needs before they were expressed. At Crevier BMW, the #1 auto dealership in the Western United States, I developed my sales skills while working as a vital communication hub and providing high end customer service. 

In 2011, my husband and I purchased our first investment property and renovated it from the ground up. As the owner and sole property manager, I handle all of the needs of the property and my renters. I take great pride in providing a high quality living environment as well as securing our investment for the future. It was this investment that led me into the world of real estate. As a full-time realtor, I am looking forward to bringing the depth of my skills and experience to work for you.

Whether hired to assist in the sale, lease or management of your property, or the purchase of your home, my goal is to always exceed your expectations. It is my pleasure to serve you with honesty, respect and integrity.